We adopt a highly focused strategy leveraging on both our experience and exclusive strategic resources. Our investment thesis has been proven to offer stringent downside protection whilst capturing attractive upside opportunities.


Our sector focus and investment criteria are as follow:



  • Huge potential market driven by fundamental demand

  • Established market position with strong brand equity

  • Scalable business model and processes

  • Professional supply chain management

  • Extensive and well managed logistic and distribution channels

  • Platform with consolidation opportunities



  • Proven business model and distribution channels

  • Proprietary technology and intellectual property rights

  • Robust regulatory know-how

  • Import substitution with resources to compete with global players

  • Sustainable high margins to support market expansion

  • Platform with consolidation opportunities

Financial Services

  • Defensive and scalable business in the finance ecosystem

  • Robust and stable regulatory framework

  • Professional risk management process

  • Competitive sources of funding

  • Strategic partnerships with leading financial institutions

  • Platform with consolidation opportunities

Advanced Manufacturing and Services

  • Differentiated and strong value proposition

  • Proprietary know-how and technology

  • Established position in a huge potential market

  • Proven management team across different business cycles

  • Sustainable business model and processes

  • Platform with consolidation opportunities