3W Partners is a China private equity firm focusing on Consolidation Growth in the New Paradigm of China economy – slower growth, over-capacity, globalization and intense competition. We believe the new generation of industry leaders would be entrepreneurs who can pursue sustainable growth through Consolidation and Innovation.


Our mission is to discover, build and realize value for our investors by helping industry leaders to achieve new levels of growth. We have built three sets of Strategic Resources:


  1. Proprietary networks with “Class of 92” business leaders – successful entrepreneurs inspired by the legendary “Southern Tour” by Deng Xiaoping in 1992. They represent the first generation of entrepreneurs in China and help shaped the economic and business landscape of China

  2. Deep knowledge and relationships in Southern China

  3. Close partnerships with top financial institutions in Asia


Our focus sectors include Finance, Advanced Manufacturing/Services, Healthcare, and Consumer – businesses with solid fundamentals and defensible competitive advantages.


Our team members are first generation investment bankers, entrepreneurs and private equity professionals from global firms, with strong multinational and domestic experience.


We build value for our portfolio companies by supporting them in improvement of strategy, market development, funding and corporate governance. In addition, we help companies to pursue consolidation domestically and internationally through our proprietary networks and knowledge.


Our investors include SWF, financial institutions and prominent business families. By leveraging our strategic resources and professional experience, we aim to deliver superior long-term risk-adjusted returns to our investors in the New Paradigm of China economy.